Neighborhood Cleanup

What A Success!

On October 19, 2002, SONA residents, city employees, conservation corps and Waste Management rallied together and filled 12 dumpsters. A total of 207 households found items to take to the dumpster. It was a fun filled day, complete with a celebration at the Sherman Oaks Community Center. See select photos below.

Thank you so much to the 68 tireless volunteers who helped make this day a success!

Miguel Acousta
Bill Adams
Lea Adams
Denisse Arenas
Rene Bailey
Andres Baltazar
Javier Barragno
Juan Bautista
Jonathan Bim
Bill Brieley
Enirque Castillo
Ray Chavez
David Cirone
Sheila Critanich
Charles Crowder
Noe Cruz
Rodrigo De Moises P
Dee Dobbs
Jim Dresbach
Paul Faraone
Dave Ferro
Jack Ford
Lydia Ford

Ranel Gaton
Monica Gonzalez
Marcos Guterez
Carlos Jimenes
Robert Kabanek
Ken Kaladas
Randi Kinman
Sal La Barbera
Peggy LaBarbara
Anna LaBarbara
Mary Kay LaRocca
Michael LaRocca
Eric Larson
Michelle Lerma
Elaine Lindner
Carl Lindner
Mark Lucas
Nancy Maddoux
Marge Martines
Scott McQueen
Ross McQueen
Celia Medina
Javier Meneses

Jerry Mindolovich
Jose Munos
Kevin Owens
Paul Owens
Mike Page
Lucreatia Park
Rodrigo Pena
Jussi Rajna
Mannel Ramirez
Juan Carlos Ramirez
Milo Risner
Florance Roat
Ted Rosario
Jerrold Simon
Dave Smith
Jo Anne Solomon
Patrick Solomon
Jon(Swede) Szabo
Jose Teran
Mary Vilches
Robin Wood
David Zamvdio