SONA Neighborhood Cleanup

Dumpster Day Clean Up - April 24, 2004

Join your neighbors to recycle your household goods and discard your rubbish. Please see the Map(PDF format) for the details on the SONA boundary.

Cleanup hours: 8:00am 11:00am or until bins are full. You must be a resident who lives in the clean-up area and show this flyer to Dumpster Monitors to use dumpsters.

Dumpster Locations
  • Richmond Avenue between Kingman and Moorpark (rubbish only)
  • Menker Avenue between Kingman and Moorpark (rubbish only)
  • College Drive between Kingman and Moorpark (metal and rubbish)
  • Sherman Oaks Community Charter School Parking Lot on Sherman Oaks (metal and rubbish)

Friendly Reminders
  • Bring large items early
  • Break up bulky items
  • Do not place items outside of the dumpsters or at the dumpster location before they arrive
  • Bin locations and time of delivery are subject to change
  • Gas powered motors (e.g. Lawn mowers) must be drained of ALL fluids, gas and oil
  • The clean-up event is for household use only
  • For the safety of everyone, please follow the directions of the dumpster monitors

Unacceptable Items
  • Hazardous materials Car batteries, antifreeze, gasoline, motor oil, transmission fluids, alkaline and lithium batteries, fluorescent lighting, paint, oil rags, chemicals or pesticides. Contact the Santa Clara County Household Hazardous Waste Program (408) 299-7300 for information on the disposal of these items.
  • Refrigerators and air conditioners and other items that contain CFC's
  • TV's and computer monitors
  • Couches and mattresses
  • Tires, concrete, vehicle batteries and dirt
  • Gas cylinders and tanks such as helium or propane
  • Wet household Garbage and Human Waste
  • Engine parts with fluids
  • Recyclable items, such as glass, cans, newspaper or cardboard (these can be recycled with regular garbage service)
  • For more information please call Michael LaRocca at 408.289-8449

2002 Dumpster Days

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