Completed Projects


The soundwall project was initiated to provide peace and quiet to the residents living on the Southwest side of San José City College. The college is working toward providing a soundwall solution that will work for Rexford Way residents.

A concrete sound wall was put in place during the second week of May 2009.

Tree Planting

February 28, 2009 — 27 of 29 trees were planted along Moorpark in front of San Jose City College. Our City Forest supplied the trees, our community supplied the volunteers to plant the trees. We could not plant the last two trees because we ran out of tree planting area approaching the 280 on-ramp.

Here is a picture of our planting party, at about 9:00 am.


We finished planting the trees a little before 12 noon. Thank you to all the volunteers who made this happen.
  • We will let you know when future events are planned for our community.